Tourism Management

The tourism industry needs experienced candidates to take on the work of handling a lot of operational tasks and managerial tasks of managing people with different needs and attitude. Well, this course lets, the students learn a lot more about what goes into this industry. The knowledge required is, understanding of different cultures, how to approach people and the communication skills to work out through situations and keep the people well accompanied and help them with the possible issues. The lessons to learn about international & national tourism and leveraging these skills in the industry to outperform others.

Travel and Cruise Management is a comprehensive course in Tourism that provides in-depth knowledge of the cruising industry and hospitality organizations. Travel Management is a Tourism program that provides knowledge and skills essential in operating travel agencies. A degree in Tourism is the perfect gateway option for students who want to break the cycle of conventional life and gain valuable skills in the process. All you’ll need is the passion for travel, good organizational skills and enjoy working with people.

Benefits of obtaining a degree in Tourism Management:

  1.  Global Opportunities: Careers in all of these fields are aimed at providing a maximum reach of demonstrating and presenting the people with the skills we have learned over the time and it gives us the chance to travel domestically as well as internationally. Giving the students a platform to learn various other culture and a lot more, exploring newer places and increasing the knowledge about other countries and places.
  2.  Transferrable Skills: A degree in Tourism teaches students about business management, marketing fundamentals, human resources, project management, sustainability, cross-cultural awareness and so much more. The knowledge and skills acquired through the program are essential and useful for a variety of different careers. Students leave the program well-rounded in many important business aspects.
  3. Impacting and awarding the nations (Sustainability): As a student, you will learn about sustainable tourism and how you can mitigate the negative impacts of travel on the environment. With more and more people travelling each year, it’s important to understand the impact this has on cultures, communities and our planet. Tourism has the potential to make the world a better place by bringing economic benefits to poorer destinations and keeping tourist hotspot flourishing. Contributing to the creation of jobs with fair wages and environmental protection.
  4. Versatility: A career in travel and tourism offers endless opportunities generally in non-traditional hours. Whether you want to work in a hotel, resort, cruise ship, plane – the world is literally your oyster. Professionals in the tourism industry have so many exciting work settings and opportunities to choose from.
  5. Develops Personality: The fact that all the people working in the tourism industry and the people around them who all are involved in the work, do have a very adaptable personality, they mould and bend with the requirements and act very mature at the time of need. This course teaches the students to work and learn under a lot of pressure, thereby making it easy for them to handle the pressure outside the teaching period and perform the tasks easily without breaking the sweat.

The basic undergraduate study of teaching the necessary skills and requirements for tourism management to the students. This lets them learn a lot in-detail about what happens inside the tourism management and how to perform the best utilising the learned skills. (3 years)

An advanced course in the field of tourism management, which is based on a smaller time-frame to teach particular details to what they should require to learn. (1 year)

Tourism Management teaches the students and the candidates the skills required to get better at what they have acquired as skills from their under-graduation, and with that, they are taught smaller details and special requirements to serve the purpose needed in the working industry. (1 year)

Well, after all the courses to get an understanding of what is required for the industry, the skill sets and the requirements which have to be fulfilled are taught all in the master diploma. (1 year)

This course is for the former students of graduation, who are taught a lot more specialized topics for tourism management to help them grasp the situation and serve the needs accordingly. (1 year)

The technical details which fall under specialization after the course is focused on the details and technical understanding which is to let the students explore more and better job opportunities. (1 year)

Basically, this course gives provides details and lets the student learn more about how the things function in the hotel, the requirements for certain tasks, managing the resources and providing optimal services for smooth and seamless functioning. The candidates must have prior knowledge before specializing in this course, to have a better grasp of the knowledge. (1 year)