Foreign Languages

Spoken English: We help you achieve confidence and that’s not by just learning English, but getting command over the language in all the forms, whether it’s a casual conversation or a speech for a formal gathering. Our aim is to make it happen for you, with the combined efforts from your and our side.

Spoken Arabic: We are very glad that we could help our candidates who sign up for these classes as it helps us to teach those more and with the same enthusiasm, we are also very proud of the fact that we would be covering most dialects: - Moroccan, Algerian, Egyptian, Levantine, Iraqi, Tunisian, Saudi and Sudanese, we also help you all with real-time transcript and subtitles. We want you to learn and speak Arabic as naturally as possible.

Spoken French: Here we also help our candidates to learn more and understand the way of modern French-speaking crowd and the way the locals communicate. We want you to learn the real basics with how you would speak, the grammar, vocabulary. All of this to make it even easier to speak like how the French people do, we don’t say you would get the fluency like them but it would get better over time with practice.

Business English: Nowadays, people are very much into the formal way of addressing people as the scope of business opportunities have been seeing a rise and people with capabilities but limited to the language they speak, we help them prove that they are no less than the people out there who can speak English. With a very formal attitude and words which are chosen very carefully, English is spoken for Business and other various work-related purposes can be very easily learned with us.

Grammar/Vocabulary: We teach the very basics to you and build a very strong foundation to help you learn and understand how this language makes sense and how to have a better grip overusing the language fluently and easily in everyday lives.

Interview Skills:A lot of people have questions over the way they need to face an interview and whether they need to learn a lot of skills to go through the interview, but what if we tell you that it ain’t like that and the very basics but with confidence can help you through those interviews to get the job you have been aiming at.

Telephonic Skills: With interview on mind a lot of people also worry about the telephonic interviews and to get the hold on it, people need to have a clarity to the words they speak or, overall just have a very good speaking fluency and we help you learn that.

Writing Skills: When it comes to writing, people think it’s very tough to write well in English, but once they get hang of it, they think that how they have been worrying for such a small issue for so long, when writing in English, the first thing is to start thinking in English to make the sentences sound better, because with translation a lot of meaning is either missed or doesn’t makes sense.