Our Achievements

Our Bright Student:-

Our Achivement

Mr Willson Eliyas Rodrigues currently working with Royal Navy of Oman, was guided by us and all of his hard work which he put in, co-ordinating with our faculty helped him raise his grades and level up with his studies and as of now, he assured the faculty that he is putting his all in the performance. After, this being stated he made it possible and got the result. His dedication was supported with our faculty, who were there to listen to all of his queries on a very personal level, making him feel at home and comfortable around the teachers.

This made all of our students very proud and aim harder for their goals. We are very proud to say Mr Willson is one of our bright students and an inspiration to our other juniors. The right guidance is what we provide and the rest is left on the student’s dedication and hard work to reach their aimed goals.