Indian Languages

Spoken Kannada- At An Achievers Academy we help you learn in-depth with the basics of Kannada and help you learn and master spoken Kannada. We aim at teaching the people the language they need to do well in the State of Karnataka. All the basics will be taught to make your life easier than before to make connections seamlessly.

Spoken Hindi- A lot of people have difficulty with Hindi. A lot of people from the different states in the southern part of India have a problem with Hindi and we are here to help you with that issue. No language is tough, until and unless the one who wants to learn gives their best. We teach the basics to Spoken Hindi making the communicative skills develop easily.

Admit today. Learn with the real teachers. Be fluent in 30 days. Practice based kannada and Hindi classes. Learn to speak, Learn to read and Learn to write Kannada and Hindi.10 % discount.