Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a part of a study, which covers a colossal scope of themes spinning around the needs of the operational parts of a hotelier. It is the task of the Hotel Manager to organize the numerous operational assignments of running an effective/efficient hotel. Dealing with a variety of people and fulfilling their needs, requires information and practical skillsets for a wide assortment of decision-making and getting them done. The real piece of the testing the aspects of learning is centred more around the basics of working, attempting to include the students to learn and build up the abilities important to run the operations in any situation.

Graduation in hotel management teaches students the skills to effectively manage all types of responsibilities such as reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management and marketing

About Hotel Management and Its Importance. As a field of study, it involves learning the management techniques that cover all aspects of managing a hotel business including hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, catering, and beverage management.

The need for Hotel Management is to provide quality and standard services to the customers that stay in a Hotel, Cruise ship, or come to a Restaurant. Other factors to keep in mind are that it includes a lot of fields in itself and is not limited.

Reasons to choose Hotel Management as a course to pursue further for studies

  1. Choosing the environment : This allows the candidates (students), to choose the way they want to get involved in the work, this being mentioned, they have the option to get into a very grand hotel, in a major city for a very fast-paced work environment, whereas if you need to get a laidback experience to start initially. The hospitality industry is different from any other industry in that the skills and education you acquire will allow you to work anywhere in the world.
  2. Exceptional Job benefits: Most of the hotel employees are provided and backed with amazing job benefits, which offer a plethora of help to their employees to keep them in the industry. No good company, organisation or firm desires to lose their valuable employee, and this is the reason, the employees in the hospitality industry are backed with generous sick leaves, maternity leaves, vacations pay/packages. And, the common assistance they provide is with discounted travel rates/help with tuition reimbursement for selected educational programs.
  3. Opportunity for Career Advancement: Working within the hotel and hospitality industry it gives, a large amount of space for advancement and development and makes sure the employees develop and grow. For most of the companies, they prefer & follow the internal transfer of the eligible candidates and make sure to keep sharing the knowledge among the newly hired to employees. This way the knowledge is transferred as well as the freshers get to learn all of them.
  4. Bonuses Around: All of the employees who are in this industry, they are very well paid for the services they provide to their customers and how happy they are after receiving the services. And, these special add-ons get them paid in bonuses, that being stated the number of bonuses they receive for they extra work and effort put in are worth it. All, of the extra overtime and the services they provide beyond their working/scheduled hours, is the way to their bonuses.

Departments in Hotel Managements

This is the basic undergraduate study for the students to learn and experience the details & intricates to hotel management, and the requirements to make a hotel function. (3 years)

The course also gets the diploma option which has more options of knowledge to learn, to assess and replicate the necessary points of significance to work in the industry. (1 year)

With specialization in the course to help the students, learn particular fields to move ahead and pursue the job or gain the level of authority within a smaller period of time. (2 years)

Candidates and students who have learned and specialized in subjects offered to bring more learning experience, this course is targeted towards them. (2 years)

Our course helps the Graduate students to have a better learning experience and we provide the right practical knowledge to work their way through the difficulties and help them to serve better in the operational and managerial tasks at the workplace. The practical aspects help in a better display of the skills learned during the course. (1 year)

Specialized subjects are targeted towards students who have learned and experienced the education system prior and desire to upgrade their learning skills. This is particularly for catering and food-related learning arc. (1 year)

Candidates who feel to pursue a specialization in Housekeeping and make their knowledge even more vast and clear, opt for Housekeeping Management. (1 year)

These courses are very specific to the need of the knowledge they want and are aimed at making them more professional to assess the issues related to them. (1 year)

In particular, food technology is the in-detailed version of learning about technology and science which goes into food preparation and its breakdown at a very minute-level, let’s say to nutritional value level. (1 year)

This course is very focused on teaching the students on the advance level in-regard to cooking via various mediums and enhancing their skills, to get ready to work in the industry. (1 year)

Courses like this teach and let the students know to the insides of what goes into the work, the skills required to be very good at, in the hotel management industry and everything else collectively. (1 year)

This is an advance course to get the students a better and more detailed learning perspective to what they would be required from work at a hotel. Fulfilling all the purposeful needs in the right scenario. (1 year)

Hotel and Bakery Management – An Achiever’s Academy offers a diploma in Hotel & Bakery Management which helps the candidate to learn in-depth skills about their careers whether that be bakery or services regarding hospitality.

Bakery and Confectionery – As per the recent uplift in hospitality sectors, the requirement of well-trained candidates and experts have seen a rise, now that the youth are also interested in understanding and learning essential skills for both bakeries and to cook confectionery.