Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is another area of study, which is focused on providing the students to have a better chance & approach of learning what goes into the Hospitality Services and the requirements to be fulfilled for it. This course gives specialized preference for learning more about what goes into this industry and what really is required to outshine and gain an advantage over the others. The hospitality industry also needs experts who are already learned and acquired the right skill sets to assist all kinds of tasks, whether managerial or operational or whatever per se.

The hotel Industry has seen a drastic change over a couple of years. The reason behind this change is the number of international players entering the Indian market and thus, bringing in a lot of jobs as well. The thinking of people and increase in spending capacity are other reasons for wide acceptance of hotel industry in our country. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry.


  • Meeting new people
  • Learning new career skills
  • Great and attractive pay package
  • A range of entry level jobs available which gives flexibility to choose a desired department
  • Helps in developing the overall personality
  • Can be a specialist over a period of time in the desired department


  • Industry being dependent on economic conditions, therefore, with a downfall in the economy, the industry always goes low
  • No time limitations – one has to work on weekends as well as national holidays
  • Starting pays can be low
  • Long and odd hours
  • Being active all the time
  • 24*7 approach – being present at all the times (whenever the demand for your presence is required)

The benefits Hospitality Management offers is immense and here are few of them

  1. EARLY RESPONSIBILITY: Fast growth and career development are among the significant reasons to consider a career in hotel management. On the job training is a feature of the job and chances for promotion happen regularly. Hotel managers are responsible for each and every aspect of the hotel that they work for, from front-of-house departments such as reception and concierge services to housekeeping, maintenance and catering. Behind the scenes responsibilities include hiring staff, managing budgets, taking care of public relations and setting sales targets.
  2. DIVERSITY: Everyday working in this field is a different one, from the people you serve to the requirements which have to be fulfilled. All this diversity presents a unique challenge, enabling you to learn something new every day.
  3. JOB SATISFACTION: As a hotel manager your job is about people and you, therefore, need to be a people’s person. Your aim is to ensure that every guest's stay is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible and that the highest standards of customer service are met.
  4. CREATIVE INPUT: To thrive and grow within the hospitality and tourism industries need creative people. To succeed as a hotel manager you'll need to be able to come up with and implement new ideas on a regular basis.
  5. OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL: Opportunities are created, including jobs in hotel management, exist in countries all over the world. If you work as a manager for a large chain hotel you'll have the chance to travel not only locally and nationally, but also internationally.

The course focused on teaching about the basics and the details for the requirement of Hospitality management, with the course focused on teaching about the managerial skills required to help in this industry. (3 years)

Same as any other diploma course, this diploma also serves the same purpose of providing the details and a better learning arc for the candidates in a smaller time-frame. (1 year)

With more specialization and detailed insights to the work required in the industry, adv. diploma is for all the students who need to focus on specifics required in the industry. (1 year)

Course with insights to what is required for specifics to the industry and this teaches the pattern how to work in the industry with a lot more better experience. (1 year)

This course is very specific to the need of the job required and helps the candidates to learn about it, within a very small time frame. (1 year)

To serve the purpose of a general receptionist, this course teaches the basics required and helps the candidates to enchance their performance and be a valuable asset in the industry. (1 year)

To learn more and to the very specifics of what goes into the industry related to the services needed for food & beverage service this course serves the right purpose. (1 year)

Aviation and Hospitality Management– Aviation sector is among one of the high-rising career fields and can be pursued by the students right after their PUC/12th Grade. And, with the large and growing industry, it would offer vast job opportunities to a lot of capable candidates. On the other hand, Hospitality is another important area of the work sector coming to aid for new youth to get involved in helping the economy and also to live by themselves. This sector is there to help you learn all about the hospitality etiquette which would be required to be at that position.

Airline and Airport Management- Airline and Airport Diploma program covers aspects related to overall airport management. It covers aspects such as ground staff training, air ticketing, cargo management, etc. Students who have passed 10+2 in any stream (Arts, Commerce or Science) are eligible to pursue this course. The course duration is generally for 1 year.

Cabin Crew and Ground Operation Management– The tasks of cabin crew and the ground operation team is to look around for the majority of the time on the flying experience of the customers. And, this course is there to teach everything about it with all the details and intricates to make you the best in your field.

Culinary Arts and Gastronomy– Well course like this is often more of a specialized diversion from the main sector of cooking. And, to the surprise, culinary arts incorporate Gastronomy in it. That being stated, the main objective of gastronomy degree is to prepare them ready to design, implement & supervise both high-level systems of gastronomic production & preparation, and gastronomic services in restaurants and other sectors of interest.