Fire and Safety

In todays world filled with uncertainity, the word "SAFETY" assumes paraamount importance,be it at home or outside.more so,most of the companies however big or small they are have taken"Fire & Safety" measures as part of their operations so as to reduce/avoid the risk that is pertinent in any organization

The rise in demand of Fire Engineering,Industial Safety and Health Safety Environment Engineering as a branch is closely linked to industrial growth. To ensure that the production plants with their hi-tech machieneries keep delivering thier goods, it is important that trained people are available to ensure safety and in case of accident, damage control at the earliest. Construction, especially multi-storied structures is another field of requirement where such as trained personnal are a must.


Job Opportunities

After successful completion of the course the student's designation will be any of the following:

  • Safety Engineer
  • Safety Inspector
  • Design Engineer
  • Fire officer
  • Safety Assistant
  • Installation Engineer
  • Fire alarm technician
  • Commisioning officer
  • Fire Supervisor
  • Fire Protection Technician
  • Fire man
  • HSE Engineer